Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pregnant in Heels...

What is wrong with being pregnant and wearing high heels? I guess I truly began to ask myself this after being stopped in the DFW airport this past Tuesday so that a lady from Denver could take my picture to send to her friends back home and in California to show them how "cute" I was. Though, you could read her thoughts of wonder to the fact that it was such a crazy concept that a pregnant woman would be wearing such a thing that got me thinking.

Okay, so I am not one whom likes to dress plain. Yes, being pregnant has altered my attire some, but I still enjoying wearing my heels! My family gives me a hard time, my co-workers give me a hard time...doesn't anyone understand that this 5'3'' girl needs some height?! Especially since I am quite a bit larger in the mid section now, I will take all the extra length I can get, ha!

To be honest, wearing high heels since I have been pregnant has not bothered me one bit. In fact, I feel more attractive and powerful. Why is it that a cute pair of pink pumps, or a sophisticated pair of black pointed toe stilettos, can give you that extra burst of self-confidence to walk tall into a room?

I am 26 weeks pregnant, and I know I still have a ways to go, but this pregnant girl will be working the high heels as long as possible!

"Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she will conquer the world. Cinderella is proof that shoes DO change lives."

Creating a Blog...

Okay, so I am very new at "blogging". I look to all of my fabulous friends who are mothers that also have husbands, careers, volunteer work, church ministries, and etc. They have busy lives to manage, and they keep these amazing blogs. I enjoy reading about their lives and watching their growing families. So, here is my attempt to be as creative and multitasking as those ladies!

Naming my blog has been so hard for me! I looked to Ty for advice and his idea was, "Tonya's Coke Habit". I told him I wanted a family oriented blog, not a blog for drug addicts, haha! So, "Fabulous Life of the Coke's" will have to work for now, but I am still open for suggestions!

I am so excited to start this new journey of blogging. I hope you enjoy reading about our lives and crazy times!