Monday, May 23, 2011

Boy or Girl…the Tech did not know…

We were so excited to announce the gender of our baby boy, Jaxton Thomas Coke! We had the sono pictures from the tech from our doctor and had a cake made to surprise our families of the baby boy -to-be!

Well, the surprise was on us! We found out that our tech was wrong, and we were having a baby girl!! Thank goodness for Michelle at Sneak a Peek, showing us our baby girl in 3D! We were excited either way, and could not be happier when we found out the news.

Justin Wright came over the night we found out to celebrate by smoking a cigar with Ty. After there long talk out on the porch, Ty came in and asked if I liked the name Blakely Dawn. I immediately fell in love with the name! Our little baby girl, Blakely Dawn Coke, I could not wait to announce it to the world. I felt bad because all of this time we had been talking to her like she was a little boy, and we had her room all designed in a baseball theme. Luckily, we had all of the baby boy stuff still with the tags attached, and were able to do some exchanges! Our friend Stephanie, Justin’s wife, threw us a surprise party to celebrate the announcement of Blakely. Of course, Blakely had to have a pink cake. I couldn’t let her grow up and see that we only had a blue cake, ha! Stephanie had the most beautiful pink cake made for my family and friends to share.

It was a wonderful night, and Ty and I were completely surprised. We are very blessed with wonderful friends and family.